It just makes sense to be prepared for the worst.

We believe that no one can prepare you for an emergency better than you can for yourself. No one can defend you in a home invasion quicker or better than you — 911 is just too far away. If you want heat in your home after an ice storm shuts down roads and power lines, you need to provide it yourself. If you’re trapped in a collapsed building after an earthquake, you’d better have a flashlight right on hand, because the government isn’t going to bring it to you.

When Jesus Christ was only twelve years old, he spent at least three (and possibly five) days on his own in Jerusalem. He was self-reliant enough to find food and shelter, at the age of twelve. Learn to do the same for yourself. At Survival News Online you’ll find all the information you need to teach yourself and your family how to cope with emergencies or even live “off the grid.”

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