12 Useful Prepper, Survivalist, and Self-Reliance Websites

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are many more out there, but these are a few that I check on a regular basis. I have a more extensive (but still not comprehensive) list here.

As a demographic, preppers and survivalists are even more diverse than the general population. Prioritizing these websites according to which ones you would find most interesting is impossible, so here they are in random order.

  1. Prepper Website — News aggregator, frequent updates, highly relevant headlines, straightforward navigation.
  2. American Preppers Network — Lots of categories. Includes a comprehensive forum about emergency preparedness.
  3. Survivalist Boards — The highest-ranked (to my knowledge) survival/preparedness discussion forum on the Internet.
  4. Survival Blog — The original. Don’t be put off by the clunky design; it features serious articles by the most knowledgeable people in this field.
  5. Natural News — This is the go-to site for self-reliance health/medical news and information. If you want straight-up health info uncontaminated by statist and regulatory biases, check out this site.
  6. Off Grid Survival — Great layout, tons of information and opinion pieces focusing on current events related to preparedness.
  7. Prepper Resources — Underrated, in my opinion. Content is highly practical and relevant to preppers. Clarity, style of writing, and analysis are far above the average you can find even in print. Put this one on your watch list, or better yet, subscribe to the RSS.
  8. Preparedness Advice Blog — “Slug-type” posts are concise. Useful for a quick info fix.
  9. Lew Rockwell — The premiere libertarian blog, and the alpha and omega of anyone’s de-indoctrination. Must-have news for preppers, since we need to know how to read the signs of the times. Covers everything from economics to pop culture. Features the best thinkers in the field.
  10. The Daily Reckoning — Politics, Economics, Current Events. Not the propagandized claptrap from ABCNBCCBSNPRCNNMSNBCPBS, but really useful, practical analysis that helps you understand the world. Common sense and clarity.
  11. Backdoor Survival — Down-homey, as it were, just what you think of when you say “blog.” The site is not very deep yet, but it’s growing. Keep your eye on it.
  12. The Suburban Prepper — Exactly what it sounds like.

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24 thoughts on “12 Useful Prepper, Survivalist, and Self-Reliance Websites”

  1. Its unfortunate that prepperwebsite.com is the number one you listed. the information on there is pushing doomsday, bugging out, zombies. prepper websites should have info on building community, local food systems. meeting people in your areas. CONNECTING. becoming more resilient. if you understand bad things are coming in the future then there is no point in dwelling on it. at this point people need to recognize that most time should be spent working towards positive goals of making sure you your family your community will make it through whats coming down the pipeline. why dont you check out http://www.resilientnews.com for some thoughtful prepping information.

    1. I did mention that they were in random order. But your point is BS anyway. As I write this, you can find everything you complained was absent on Prepper Website. In fact, everything you said about the site is wrong. Here is just a sampling of headlines at Prepper Website today:

      How Many Times Has the World Ended? — Poking fun at the idea of impending Doomsday

      Buying a Homestead, Survival in a Condominium (community)

      Herbal Formulas for Clinic and Home, Build and Calculate Your Food Storage, Starting a Survival Garden, Using a Nuc as a Swarm Trap (local food systems — there’s a whole section on "Gardening")

      The Basics of Fishing, How to Build an Arctic Lean-To (resilience)

      Not a single article about Bugging Out

      Not a single article about zombies

  2. Hi SnoMan – Just want to that you for the nod to Backdoor Survival today. I am honored to be included on your list of 12 Useful Prepper Websites.

  3. As much as I would have appreciated seeing my website (reThinkSurvival) listed-it’s certainly not yet as popular as many you list-I’m shocked that TheSurvivalPodcast wasn’t included. I would also add ModernSurvivalOnline, DoomAndBloom, Prep-Blog, and ApartmentPrepper, to name a few good ones. Of course, as soon as you start making a list everyone’s going to pick it apart. Just my 2 cents!

  4. Any doomsday prep news that doesn’t keep an eye on Israel is missing the boat. Israel will be the spark that sets off doomsday. Yes, Resident "Amabo the Backward" is bringing the U.S. down and the rest of the world will follow, but the end time will be focused on Israel.

  5. Rachel C. Benton

    I trust survival cache as a useful site for survival techniques. It has both urban and rural survival tips from stuck in the rooftops or crash landed in the jungle.

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