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Why the RINOs Want Romney

Why Mitt Romney is the choice of the Republican establishment If you’re a Tea Party person, you’re probably disgusted with Romney as the choice of the Republican establishment, but it’s not hard to understand why they want him; in a Romney-Obama matchup, it’s win-win for the statists. If Romney wins the election, nothing much will […]

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A Tea Party Response to the Occupiers

The occupiers are barking up the wrong tree. The problem isn’t capitalism — it’s government power. They’re right to complain about big bank bailouts, but capitalists can’t do this in a free market. Only the government can steal money from taxpayers and give it to the banks. ACORN’s involvement in organizing the Occupiers is proof […]

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In Loco Parentis — The State's Abrogation of Parenthood

California Gov. Jerry Brown stepped into the middle of a debate over parental rights Sunday by signing legislation giving children 12 or older the power to consent to medical care involving the prevention of sexually transmitted disease. via New law lets 12-year-olds consent to preventive care for STDs – latimes.com. TAL Commentary: Who needs parents? […]

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The Reign of the People Farmers

[The following is excerpted from an email from Senator Windbag to his nephew, Richard Needles, the esteemed representative from one of our Southern states]. Hi Richard, Congratulations on winning a seat in the Senate. With the six-year terms, you’ll find it much more lucrative in this chamber than in the House; you can spend less […]

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