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The State as a Criminal Institution

Hoppe: War and aggression are costly. States go to war because they can, via taxes, pass on the cost to third parties who are not directly involved. By contrast, for voluntarily financed companies war is economic suicide. As a private law subject the state too will, like all other security providers, have to offer its […]

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The Key to Prosperity is Liberty

The surest way to decrease the quality of a product or service, and to increase its price, is to give the government monopoly control of it. We tend to think the state is indispensable — a “necessary evil” — and have a hard time imagining our existence without it. But that’s only because we’ve never […]

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How the Government INCREASES Crime

Update: According to a Fox News story, the government not only ordered licensed gun dealers to proceed with illegal gun sales, government agents actually made illegal purchases with taxpayer money, all in order to drive guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Government agents bought the guns, sold them to known criminals, and watched […]

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Life Skills for Kids

It’s a fundamental principle of economics that you get more of whatever you subsidize. If you subsidize corn production, you’ll get more corn. If you subsidize unemployment, you’ll get more unemployment. And if you subsidize non-productive, irresponsible, dependent, accident-prone children, that’s what you’ll get. All I have to do is say “government schools” to prove my point.

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