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Monsanto Isn't The Problem — The Government Is

Oh, Monsanto, you sly dog.You keep trying to make us believe you are “committed to sustainable agriculture” with your canny advertisments on American Public Media, even as you force-feed farmers your lab-grown Frankenseeds that expire every year which are, let’s be honest, opposite of sustainable. Read the rest of the article via Monsanto’s 5 Most […]

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Child Labor Laws Don't Help Children

Nearly two years after ABC News cameras uncovered young children toiling away in Michigan’s blueberry fields, federal investigators have found yet another disturbing example of illegal use of child labor in the berry industry. Three southwest Washington strawberry growers were fined $73,000 last week after the U.S. Department of Labor found children between the ages […]

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Obama Administration Exempting Schools From Federal Law’s Testing Mandate |

(AP) – State and local education officials have been begging the federal government for relief from student testing mandates in the federal No Child Left Behind law, but school starts soon and Congress still hasn’t answered the call. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he will announce a new waiver system Monday to give schools a […]

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Enemy of the State: White Middle Class

A new promotional video released by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, as Big Sis continues its relentless drive to cement the myth that mad bombers are hiding around every corner, when in reality Americans are just as likely to be killed by lightning strikes or […]

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Government Steals Gold From Heirs

Federal prosecutors had asserted that the coins never circulated when the country went off the gold standard. Most of the batch was instead melted down.But Joan Langbord, the daughter of a Philadelphia jeweler, said she found the 10 coins in her father’s bank deposit bank after he died. via Heirs Lose Fight Over Rare Gold […]

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The New York "Stupid Tax"

It’s a new one in the annals of city government. The cash-strapped Bloomberg administration has mounted a “sting operation” against city beekeepers — ticketing a Douglaston man an unbelievable $2,000 for not watering his beehive. “It’s outrageous. It’s difficult to understand how this could happen,” Tip Sempliner said. And here’s why: there is a beehive […]

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Driver's Licensing in a Free Country

An Austrian atheist has won the right to be shown on his driving-licence photo wearing a pasta strainer as “religious headgear”. Niko Alm first applied for the licence three years ago after reading that headgear was allowed in official pictures only for confessional reasons. Mr Alm said the sieve was a requirement of his religion, […]

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Being A Libertarian Conservative

The only way for conservatives to protect themselves from government is to be libertarians. And no, that’s not contradictory. If the government can regulate victimless behavior, what behavior it regulates is just a matter of who’s in power. One of the distinctions of conservatives is their emphasis on morality. This is commendable, and even necessary […]

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FED Driving Us Into The Ditch

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Wednesday that a new stimulus program is in the works that will entail additional asset purchases, the clearest indication yet that the central bank is contemplating another round of monetary easing. Bernanke said in prepared remarks that the economy is growing more slowly than expected, and should that […]

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93 Days Jail For Criminal Gardening

Does Michelle Obama Know About This? | The Agitator. Their front yard was torn up after replacing a sewer line, so instead of replacing the dirt with grass, one Oak Park woman put in a vegetable garden and now the city is seeing green. The list goes on: fresh basil, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cumbers and […]

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Casey Anthony Verdict Incites More Slavery Laws

Casey Anthony Case Fuels Push in States for ‘Caylee’s Law’ – The state proposals, which sprung up after an Oklahoma woman started an online petition drive Tuesday, would generally make it a felony for a parent not to report the death or disappearance of his or her child in a certain period of time. […]

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Why Liberals Lie About War

Iraq U.S. troops: U.S. willing to leave 10,000 troops in Iraq past year’s end, officials say – TAL Commentary This is Obama breaking his promise to bring the troops home out of Iraq. Despite tearing into Bush for being a warmonger, Obama has changed nothing, which makes you wonder why liberals pay lipservice to […]

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SWAT Murder in Tucson

‘Why Did Police Kill My Dad?’ by William Norman Grigg. “I saw this guy pointing me at the window,” Vanessa recalled in a subsequent television interview. “So, I got scared. And, I got like, ‘Please don’t shoot, I have a baby.’ I put my baby [down]. [And I] put bag in window. And, I yell […]

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Gingrich Shows His Statist Colors

Gingrich Knocks GOP Proposal for Medicare – Newt Gingrich has a health care proposal for you — you should be required by law to buy health insurance. He cages this statist mandate in terms of “personal responsibility,” which reminds us that in the government, it’s always opposite day, upside-down day, or backwards day. There […]

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Medicare, Social Security Funds Expiring Sooner, U.S. Says – Businessweek

Medicare, Social Security Funds Expiring Sooner, U.S. Says – Businessweek. TAL Commentary: The difference between Bernie Madoff and the US Government is that Madoff is in prison, and that social security is a much bigger Ponzi scheme than he ever perpetrated. None of the politicians are dealing with the fundamental immorality of the whole thing […]

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Introduction to Mobonomics

Part 1: TANSTAAFL — There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. This means that whatever you get, you’re paying for it one way or another. Whenever people are free, they allocate resources by pricing — think of this as “price-rationing.” But when the government intervenes, it does “political-rationing.” Only price-rationing actually works in […]

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The "Security" Beast

Whenever the state provides a product or service, it will always tend to provide more of it — need it or not, want it or not — as an excuse to increase spending. As I predicted in my upcoming book, The Truth About Liberty, once the state maxed out air travel security it would soon […]

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The Rea$on for War – Part 2

Read Part 1 Whenever the government monopolizes a product or service, it will behave like any other monopolist; it will maximize cost and minimize quality. Also, agents of the government (and their dependents, like defense contractors) are tax consumers, so assuming nothing more than their own self-interest, you can expect them to increase public demand […]

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The Foundational Economic Myth of Our Era: Government Cured the Great Depression

The Foundational Economic Myth of Our Era: Government Cured the Great Depression. May 6, 2011 Economist Thomas Sowell recently challenged the Great Myth of FDR and the Great Depression. No economic downturn in all those years ever lasted as long as the Great Depression of the 1930s, when both the Federal Reserve and the administrations […]

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State or Private Law Society by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

State or Private Law Society by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The Problem of Social Order Alone on his island, Robinson Crusoe can do whatever he pleases. For him, the question concerning rules of orderly human conduct – social cooperation – simply does not arise. This question can only arise once a second person, Friday, arrives on the […]

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The Rea$on For War – Part 1

It is said that the US government has engaged the War on Terror to save lives. If this is true it means that the State is deeply concerned with our lives, and intent on securing our lives at virtually any cost (for the war has been extremely costly by any measure). But what are the […]

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Life Skills for Kids

It’s a fundamental principle of economics that you get more of whatever you subsidize. If you subsidize corn production, you’ll get more corn. If you subsidize unemployment, you’ll get more unemployment. And if you subsidize non-productive, irresponsible, dependent, accident-prone children, that’s what you’ll get. All I have to do is say “government schools” to prove my point.

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Join Teanami 2012

In the election of 2010, Republican gained more seats in the house than at any time in most of our lifetimes. And at the State legislative level the results were even more astounding; 680 seats changed hands. The really interesting thing is that the Republican ruling elite did virtually nothing to earn this. They just […]

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The Myth of Social Security

There is no Social Security. First in the sense that the money paid into the Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid (which I’ll call “social security” for short) system isn’t there — it has been spent. Second, there is no social security in the sense that even if you collect your benefits, it doesn’t provide “social security.” It’s just […]

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