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The State as a Criminal Institution

Hoppe: War and aggression are costly. States go to war because they can, via taxes, pass on the cost to third parties who are not directly involved. By contrast, for voluntarily financed companies war is economic suicide. As a private law subject the state too will, like all other security providers, have to offer its […]

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Homeland Security Raids Clothes Sold at Flea Market

  If you ask a 10-year-old what constitutes a threat to national security, he’ll talk about threats to the border, bombs, mass killings, things like that. But if you ask the Department of Homeland Security, they’ll say it’s counterfeit underwear, music, and lipstick being sold at a flea market. Its rationale for this strange view […]

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Freedom and the War on Drugs

  To reduce drug use, we must legalize drugs If you’re concerned about the epidemic of drug use, you might want to ask yourself why it has gotten worse since we started the War on Drugs in the 1970s. If you’d like to actually reduce the incidence of drug use and the crime associate with […]

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The State Food Police

The state growth of parental authority State officials in North Carolina are inspecting lunch boxes, and if they don’t like what the parents packed for their own children, they’re forcing the tots to eat state-approved food from the school cafeteria. Judging from the comments at the bottom of the article, people are rightly outraged. One […]

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Government "Monitoring" News and Social Media

Trading Liberty for “Security” According to a report at Infowars, our taxes will pay for the government to monitor Internet news and social media outlets 24/7/365. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems was awarded the contract to monitor news media web sites, as well as social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The Department of Homeland Security […]

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Why the RINOs Want Romney

Why Mitt Romney is the choice of the Republican establishment If you’re a Tea Party person, you’re probably disgusted with Romney as the choice of the Republican establishment, but it’s not hard to understand why they want him; in a Romney-Obama matchup, it’s win-win for the statists. If Romney wins the election, nothing much will […]

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Top Five Reasons to KEEP ObamaCare – LOL

Top Five Reasons to KEEP ObamaCare — LOL By a wide margin, Americans don’t want ObamaCare and never did. It is such a wretched piece of legislation that the government wouldn’t let us read it before it was passed. In fact, it is so bad that our jolly rulers exempted themselves from its requirements. Most […]

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Cha-CHING! Yet Another Internet Tax

The taxation tsunami goes on. Remember the minuscule federal budget cuts of fiscal year 2011? They amounted to $38 billion, a mere four days’ worth of spending. (Actually, it was only $352 million, but who’s counting?) Well, whatever savings you thought you’d realize, they’ve found a way to recapture it — a new tax on […]

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A Tea Party Response to the Occupiers

The occupiers are barking up the wrong tree. The problem isn’t capitalism — it’s government power. They’re right to complain about big bank bailouts, but capitalists can’t do this in a free market. Only the government can steal money from taxpayers and give it to the banks. ACORN’s involvement in organizing the Occupiers is proof […]

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The Key to Prosperity is Liberty

The surest way to decrease the quality of a product or service, and to increase its price, is to give the government monopoly control of it. We tend to think the state is indispensable — a “necessary evil” — and have a hard time imagining our existence without it. But that’s only because we’ve never […]

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"Opposite Day" in Fairfax County

“Daddy makes mistakes. We tried our best. I made a mistake by not knowing enough.” via Treehouse faces demolition in dispute with Fairfax County – TAL Commentary: Mark Grapin did something every dad should admire — he built a treehouse for his two growing boys. But his dealings with the government turned into an […]

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In Loco Parentis — The State's Abrogation of Parenthood

California Gov. Jerry Brown stepped into the middle of a debate over parental rights Sunday by signing legislation giving children 12 or older the power to consent to medical care involving the prevention of sexually transmitted disease. via New law lets 12-year-olds consent to preventive care for STDs – TAL Commentary: Who needs parents? […]

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How the Government INCREASES Crime

Update: According to a Fox News story, the government not only ordered licensed gun dealers to proceed with illegal gun sales, government agents actually made illegal purchases with taxpayer money, all in order to drive guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Government agents bought the guns, sold them to known criminals, and watched […]

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State Protection of Monopolies

From The Truth About Liberty: How the Tea Party Can Save America You were probably taught that the only thing that stands between you and gigantic monopolies is a benevolent government. Like a lot of things taught in government schools, the exact opposite is true; monopolies only exist when the state grants a business a […]

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Taxation is Theft

I can’t go to your house and simply demand your money — you don’t have to give it to me. If I use force, you can defend yourself. But for some reason we have accepted the idea that I can go to your house with several armed men and force you to pay up, as […]

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The Reign of the People Farmers

[The following is excerpted from an email from Senator Windbag to his nephew, Richard Needles, the esteemed representative from one of our Southern states]. Hi Richard, Congratulations on winning a seat in the Senate. With the six-year terms, you’ll find it much more lucrative in this chamber than in the House; you can spend less […]

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