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News headlines around the world relating to your chances of surviving a natural or economic disaster

SD – 19 Dec. 2011

Blizzard in the Southwestern Plains. This storm is expected to dump snow through Tuesday night. If you’re prepped, a blizzard can be cozy. Just be sure you’re able to provide heat if you lose power. If you’re stuck in a vehicle, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning. Snow drifts can block the exhaust; if you run […]

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Surviving Daily – 16 Dec. 2011

Government to monitor all internet activity via new Cybersecurity bill. This is what happens when you entrust the state with your protection. Look for your security to actually decrease — be prepared. Nine years of off-grid living. A great article from Basically, this guy’s cost of installing his solar panels and propane generator were […]

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Surviving Daily – 15 Dec. 2011

Gun sales up 32% more than this time three years ago. If Obama gets re-elected, he’s going to implement the biggest crackdown on civilian firearm ownership ever seen in this country. His administration has already mounted a criminal assault on the Second Amendment — Fast and Furious. SnoMan’s recommendation — buy guns and ammo. Be […]

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Surviving Daily – 14 Dec. 2011

Ron Paul closing on Gingrich in Iowa polls. It’s no wonder — he’s the only candidate with a dedicated, consistent focus on liberty. Only his unpopular non-interventionist foreign policy is holding him back. But if he wins the nomination, look for the Republican establishment to run an independent — they’d rather have Obama for a […]

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Surviving Daily

New at Survival News Online: Surviving Daily Introducing our new, mostly-every-day survival blog category. This will include notes, blurbs, links, and brief commentary on issues of interest to survivalists, preppers, scouts, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and really anyone concerned about the way things are in this world. Topics will range from anything to everything. The name […]

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Surviving at Disney

SnoMan is surviving a trip to Disney in the SnoMobile. It’s fun, and the weather’s great, and everything Disney does is over-the-top in quality…. but have no fear, he’ll be back home soon.

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In the Works: Emergency Shelter Article

This promises to be quite a detailed article about building a shelter with whatever you have on-hand. There will be video (maybe “videos”)! It’s a lot of ground to cover; we’re going to build a lean-to, an enclosed shelter with framework and evergreen boughs, a shelter improvised from man-made materials, and so on. One thing […]

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In the Works: Signal Mirror Article

It was a perfect clear sunny day for signal mirrors. We shot the vid, took a ton of pix, and now we’re writing, editing…. and it’s time to leave on a Friday date. Look for “How to Use an Emergency Signal Mirror” this weekend. ~SnoMan

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Cool New Video and RSS Feeds at SNO

At Survival News Online, our goal is to help you prepare for any emergency or survival situation. We’re always providing more information about survival and emergency preparedness and making it easier to find it, or more interesting to watch. With this in mind, we’ve recently added some cool new features to make your browsing experience […]

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