25 Muscle Building Foods for Your Preps

muscle foodsby John McKiernan, Natural News

Top 25 healthy muscle building foods

1. Water – although this one isn’t actually a food it certainly is the most important item on this list, as muscle tissue is comprised of over 75 percent water
2. Whey protein concentrate – the most complete amino acid profile among any food
3. Pea protein powder – a very complete protein source; great for vegans
4. Free range organic eggs – next to whey protein, contains the highest concentration of essential amino acids
5. Raw milk – a protein and vitamin rich food known for its muscle building properties
6. Bison – higher in protein than beef and are not confined to feedlots
7. Free range organic chicken breast – rich in glutamine and other essential amino acids
8. Grass fed organic beef – grass fed beef is much higher in CLA, which aids in body composition
9. Fish – wild salmon and tilapia are among the best; avoid tuna due to high mercury levels
10. Turkey – a very lean protein source
11. Nuts – walnuts, Brazil nuts and almonds are among the best
12. Oysters – great for naturally boosting testosterone levels
13. Beans – a very slow digesting carbohydrate high in zinc and fiber
14. Oats – steel cut are best but old fashioned work too; avoid quick oats
15. Peanut butter – high in healthy fats and protein and low in carbohydrates
16. Cottage cheese – very low in sugar and high in protein
17. Yogurt – Greek yogurt is best
18. Bananas – a potassium and vitamin rich food
19. Avocados – very rich in unsaturated fatty acids
20. Healthy oils – olive oil, coconut oil, walnut oil, hemp oil, flax seed oil as well as others
21. Spinach– other green leafy vegetables offer similar benefits
22. Broccoli – a superfood vegetable; others include tomatoes, kale, cauliflower and bok choy
23. Berries – high in antioxidants and many other vitamins necessary for muscle growth
24. Quinoa and brown rice – both are rich in B vitamins and slow digesting
25. Apples and other fruit – high in fiber which cleanses the system and allows for better nutrient absorption

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    From a whey protein perspective, I am pretty much standardized on "Muscle Milk." The reason for which is that it has been fortified with additional aminos, electrolytes, vitamins, fat, and minerals your body requires. I use one scoop in the morning with fruit as a meal myself. One scoop offers about 1/3 of the recomended vitamins and minerals you need, 16 grams of protein, and 150 calories (1/3 of which are from the fat). Add some additional fruit, wheat, oats, etc. for some fiber, and caloric energy, and you have a pretty complete meal… I've looked at many and used many different whey protein supplements, and they all have their place, but Muscle milk seems to offer the best nutritional value…

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    I find plenty of nuts as quickly as possible after a session a great way to help build muscle.

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    All these are very important , but i would generally say that the most important is protein amino acids as this is the building blocks of solid muscle. water is as inportant but DOES NOT build muscle weather it is 75 % or not.

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