Maxpedition Remora Review

The Remora: A smaller EDC Bag


The Maxpedition Remora is a great choice for an every-day-carry bag. It’s smaller than the Sitka and Flacon II, the other EDC bags reviewed by Survival News Online. So if you find yourself needing a little less gear during your day, the Remora is the bag for you.

The Remora is a single-strap bag, but it allows you to switch which side you wear it over. This is a nice feature lacking in many other bags. It has four zip-open compartments, three of them with individual canvas sleeves or elastic bands for additional organization.

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A great mini-sized EDC

While a little on the small side, this is actually the size bag I prefer as an EDC. I just find that carrying a larger bag or backpack everywhere is just too much of a pain. I’ll keep something like that in my vehicle, but the Remora is the perfect size for toting around town.

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