Survival Headgear: The Shemagh

How to tie a shemagh

In this video, I will show you how to tie a shemagh. Using a shemagh as survival headgear is a great idea if you’re going to be in a windy, cold, or sunny environment, but you’ll need to know how to tie it first.

Uses for the shemagh

A shemagh is an extremely versatile head covering, used extensively in the middle east. It can be used to:

  • keep your head warm in cold climates
  • shade your face from the sun in hot climates
  • keep sand or dust out of your eyes, nose, and mouth in windy conditions

Now, having said that, it might not be the best idea to wear your favorite shemagh when you’re hanging out at the mall. Due to its origins, it might creep some people out, causing panic and/or mayhem. But, for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities, it’s a great piece of survival gear. Here’s how to tie it:

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This shemagh is made from cotton, which is nice for a few reasons. Cotton is fairly grippy enough so that when you tie it in the back, it doesn’t slip. Cotton is also absorbent, so it wicks moisture away from your skin.

If you don’t want to purchase a shemagh, or if you’re in a survival situation, you can easily improvise with a t-shirt, bed sheet, or some other piece of fabric. The key to survival is using what you have available, and you can easily do that when improvising a shemagh.








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