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SWAT Murder in Tucson

‘Why Did Police Kill My Dad?’ by William Norman Grigg. “I saw this guy pointing me at the window,” Vanessa recalled in a subsequent television interview. “So, I got scared. And, I got like, ‘Please don’t shoot, I have a baby.’ I put my baby [down]. [And I] put bag in window. And, I yell […]

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Gingrich Shows His Statist Colors

Gingrich Knocks GOP Proposal for Medicare – Newt Gingrich has a health care proposal for you — you should be required by law to buy health insurance. He cages this statist mandate in terms of “personal responsibility,” which reminds us that in the government, it’s always opposite day, upside-down day, or backwards day. There […]

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Medicare, Social Security Funds Expiring Sooner, U.S. Says – Businessweek

Medicare, Social Security Funds Expiring Sooner, U.S. Says – Businessweek. TAL Commentary: The difference between Bernie Madoff and the US Government is that Madoff is in prison, and that social security is a much bigger Ponzi scheme than he ever perpetrated. None of the politicians are dealing with the fundamental immorality of the whole thing […]

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What Rednecks do to Price-Gougers

Introduction to Mobonomics Part 2: Redneckonomics In Part 1 — TANSTAAFL, we discussed what happens after a hurricane in Mobile, Alabama, and the advantages of a free market economy over the Mobonomics of State intervention. In our scenario, Nick bought generators in Birmingham and sold them at high prices in Mobile. Soon there was competition […]

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Introduction to Mobonomics

Part 1: TANSTAAFL — There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. This means that whatever you get, you’re paying for it one way or another. Whenever people are free, they allocate resources by pricing — think of this as “price-rationing.” But when the government intervenes, it does “political-rationing.” Only price-rationing actually works in […]

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The "Security" Beast

Whenever the state provides a product or service, it will always tend to provide more of it — need it or not, want it or not — as an excuse to increase spending. As I predicted in my upcoming book, The Truth About Liberty, once the state maxed out air travel security it would soon […]

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The Rea$on for War – Part 2

Read Part 1 Whenever the government monopolizes a product or service, it will behave like any other monopolist; it will maximize cost and minimize quality. Also, agents of the government (and their dependents, like defense contractors) are tax consumers, so assuming nothing more than their own self-interest, you can expect them to increase public demand […]

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The Foundational Economic Myth of Our Era: Government Cured the Great Depression

The Foundational Economic Myth of Our Era: Government Cured the Great Depression. May 6, 2011 Economist Thomas Sowell recently challenged the Great Myth of FDR and the Great Depression. No economic downturn in all those years ever lasted as long as the Great Depression of the 1930s, when both the Federal Reserve and the administrations […]

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State or Private Law Society by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

State or Private Law Society by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The Problem of Social Order Alone on his island, Robinson Crusoe can do whatever he pleases. For him, the question concerning rules of orderly human conduct – social cooperation – simply does not arise. This question can only arise once a second person, Friday, arrives on the […]

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The Rea$on For War – Part 1

It is said that the US government has engaged the War on Terror to save lives. If this is true it means that the State is deeply concerned with our lives, and intent on securing our lives at virtually any cost (for the war has been extremely costly by any measure). But what are the […]

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